Quarter century experience

Hani Date Palm of Jonoub Company

Hani Date Palm of Jonoub, a familiar name with a quarter-century experience in the packaging, processing, and exporting of date products. The company offers its products inside and outside Iran under the brand name “Honey, Ranginak, Salva” and these products are carefully monitored and supervised by health and quality regulatory bodies in all stages of packaging and delivery.

Hani Date Palm of Jonoub is proud to have received at least 10 certificates of compulsory and honorary certification in the field of quality control and management control systems. The standard is a standard from the Iranian Standards Organization, Food and Drug Administration’s Health Apples(Sib Salamat), ISO Certificates 9001, HACCP and ISO 22000.

The most modern palm packing plant in Iran

Hani Date Palm of Jonoub Factory

The plant is located in a land of 13,000 square meters in Borazjan Industrial Park, and nowadays it has one of the most modern packaging and processing plants in Iran with its complete facilities for processing and packaging of various types of dates, as well as warehouses and sanitary warehouses. Iran is considered. All factory personnel are all committed and willing to work with consumers in order to provide a healthy, desirable and quality product and expand their range of activities beyond the borders of Iran. The factory is also under the constant supervision and inspection of the National Iranian Standards Organization, which controls the quality of all products manufactured in the country, and the Food and Drug Administration of the Islamic Republic of Iran, which supervises health and safety of manufactured and distributed materials.

Due to the importance of the processing and packaging industry, the managers of this complex were determined to establish an industrial company in the field of designing and manufacturing the processing and packaging lines, in addition to providing their machines with the requirements of obtaining the order of customers and owners of other products in Anywhere in Iran and even abroad.

12 years of experience in the field of exports

Certificates and honors

Hani Date Palm of Jonoub, with 12 years’ history in the field of exporting and packing dates, has been able to export its products to the provinces of Khuzestan, Tehran, Fars, Alborz, Isfahan, Hamedan, as well as UAE and Germany.

Tablet received from the seminar on the transformation of business culture

Tablet received from the Ministry of Health and Education

Statue received from the country's colorful festival